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Ceramic Lining Solutions

Protecting your plant and infrastructure from abrasion, chemicals, acid/alkali and heat will extend the lifetime of your asset, reduce maintenance and downtime from damage. Orac Systems provide solutions through wear resistance lining services including Ceramic Lining.

Orac Systems specializes in Ceramic Lining solutions that extend the life of your equipment, thereby keeping your systems at a maximum operational level. Our industrial workhorse, and most frequently specified wear material is our alumina ceramic tile. It is a fine-grain, high-grade alumina made from exceptionally pure and uniformly controlled alpha aluminium oxide.

Our tiles offer excellent mechanical properties, superior wear resistance, and desirable corrosion performance.


  • Chutes/Hoppers
  • Classifier Cones
  • Cyclone Separators
  • Elbows/bends
  • Fan Housing and Blades
  • Lined Piping
  • Launders
  • Wear Panels