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Our core business includes the following among others

  • Conveyor Systems Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance Conveyor Systems Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance
  • Wear Resistant Lining – Rubber and Ceramic Lining
  • Plant Maintenance and Installations
  • Fitting, Fabrication and Sandblasting
  • Skilled Labour Contracting
  • Condition Monitoring Services – Including Shaft Laser Alignment, Dynamic Balancing and Vibration Analysis
  • Rubber Products Supplies


Plant Maintenance Services

Orac Systems offers Engineering Maintenance Services, Predictive/Preventive Building Maintenance, and Capital Planning to enable practical and effective asset management partnerships.

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Conveyor systems design, manufacture, installations and maintenance services

Orac Systems is a leading company in Conveyor System Management and Maintenance. We have a trained and experienced staff of field technicians who have taken part in new project installations, routine service inspections, conveyor belt maintenance contract work, Hot/Cold Splicing, and 24-hour emergency services.

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Pulley / Drum Lagging

There are a few basic reasons for the application of lagging to both driven and non-driven pulleys. • Lagging serves as a protective layer guarding the pulley from premature failure due to abrasion...

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Wear Resistant Lining – Ceramic

Orac Systems specializes in Ceramic Lining Solutions that extend the life of your equipment, thereby keeping your systems at a maximum operational level.

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Wear Resistant Lining – Rubber

When a metal is immersed in liquid which contains water or corrosive substances, the problem of corrosion occurs. Rubber Lining will solve the problem. Rubber Lining is an application method used to protect multiple types of systems by lining corrosion and abrasion-resistant rubber upon the surface or inside of pipes and tanks

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Shaft Laser Alignment Services

Orac Systems is proud to be associated with Fixturlaser, the manufacturers of the state of the art Laser alignment equipment which delivers the most accurate and precise measurement values compared to any other system.

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Hot and Cold vulcanizing

Orac Systems also specializes in hot and cold vulcanizing, both steel and plied conveyor belting and general service around the conveyor. we ...

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